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  1. Click on the button 👆
  2. Enter name and partner ID
  3. Provide remote support
  1. Download client đŸ“„
  2. Deliver personal ID to your partner
  3. Approve access

Forever free 🎉

version without advertisement soon available!

As many Advantages only with

Quick start
Three simple steps to your reliable remote support.
No installation, plug ins or configurations necessary
Maximum security
Protection through established security architecture of the oneclickℱ platform
Device independent
Flexible access from any operating system via the browser
Low bandwidth
Stability even with slow internet connection
100% DACH company
Made with love in Switzerland and Germany

We are browser-based —
this is unique worldwide!

Through support via the browser, we offer you a support process kick start. You neither need installations or plug ins nor worry about updates any more. We offer you flexibility and unlimited access from any device. No matter where you currently are.

We are the first support tool, which runs completely via the browser.

This is how easy it is!

Start now!

Use all advantages unlimited – FOR FREE.

Trust in our convinced users đŸ’Ș

Client downloads
Satisfied users
900 Ăž
Sessions a week

Up-to-date Security Architecture

With, you benefit from the security mechanisms of the oneclickℱ platform. You are protected from security vulnerabilities and unauthorized access by third parties. Through a multi-layered structure, remote support sessions become more secure than ever before.

Soon available as version!

  • Remote access without advertisement
  • Billing function
  • Protocol function
  • Only authorised access possible
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Host - Remote Access for server and clients (unattended)

Now it’s up to you!

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